220125, г. Минск,
пр-т Независимости д. 177,
секция 2, цокольный этаж, пом. 3.

Тел./факс +375 17 393-50-04
Тел. +375 17 393-50-05
Тел. +375 17 393-50-06
Velcom +375 29 117-37-37
Mтc +375 29 777-37-37
Mтc +375-29 777-99-79





Payment methods

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Payment for goods in online store vilparts.by only in Belarusian rubles both by cash and non-cash payment, available in the following ways:

Cashless payments:

All orders by wire transfer, you can make a basket through the online store:
1.Be sure to enter data for feedback (telephone, fax, e-mail should be sent to that account).
2.Place an order, please fill out the online form with information about your organization.
3.Having an account with e-mail, or by fax, pay it.
4.After the transfer of money manager will contact you to clarify the terms of delivery.


1.Payment is made at the time of receipt of goods, the calculation is cash in Belarusian rubles;

For advice you can contact the manager of LTD "Vilparts"

on e-mail: info@vilparts.by or

tel. / fax: +375 (17) 393-50-04 +375 (29) 777-99-79 (MTS), 375 (29) 1111-66-1 (Velcom)

ООО "Вилпартс"
Р/сч: 3012026301013 в ОАО Приорбанк г. Минск, ул. Логойский тракт 15 код 153001749, УНП:191605857

юр. адрес: РБ, г.Минск, пр-т.Независимости 177, пом.3, ком. 22, почт. адрес: РБ, 220125, г.Минск, пр-т.Независимости 177, пом.3, ком. 22,
тел.: ф.393-50-04, 393-50-05, мтс 777-99-79, v.117-37-37