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21.05 RADIAL patches

In our shop we sell Vilparts RADIAL patches of different species.


RADIAL patches for patches is a durable repair of radial tires in all sizes and for any purpose. Thanks to its unique adhesive layer, as well as the use of specially designed solutions - the catalysts of the brand TIP TOP, radial patches can be applied in a hot technology using a solution Thermopress MTR, which you can buy in our store Vilparts, and cold vulcanization using an adhesive for tubeless tires, which we sell in our store Vilparts.


The patches are designed to repair the radial through-cord injury in violation of radial tires of cars and trucks, agricultural, earthmoving and mining equipment. Allow to repair damage at the side surfaces in the shoulder region and on the treadmill any radial tires. The use of high-quality adhesives and adhesive ensures a good connection of the patch and the tire at the point of damage. For best results, use together with glue for tubeless tires, which we sell in our store Vilparts.

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