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ПОЧЕМУ НАДО МЕНЯТЬ ВЕНТИЛЬ?   Valve - is an important part of the wheel, a function which is to ensure the tightness of the wheel tires. The valve can be tube and tubeless, both species we sell in our online store...

28.05 Balance weight

In our store you can buy Vilparts loads printed, loads and loads of adhesive in granules. Vilparts company supplies: Cargo printed Balancing weights are used to correct the imbalance of the wheels of trucks....

26.05 Valve

Shop Vilparts supplies: valve  and the valve tubeless Valve - an integral part of a vehicle wheel, a check valve, which allows to pump air into the tire and prevents it goes out. The design of the automobile valves:...

21.05 RADIAL patches

In our shop we sell Vilparts RADIAL patches of different species. TIP TOP RADIAL patches for patches is a durable repair of radial tires in all sizes and for any purpose. Thanks to its unique adhesive layer, as...

19.05 Universal Patches

In our shop you can buy Vilparts universal patches of different species. TIP TOP Universal patch to repair most minor injuries of radial, diagonal, chamber and tubeless tires. For best results, use together with...

16.05 New! The machine for cutting the tread Rubber Cut 414

In our store you can buy Vilpasrts machine for cutting the tread Rubber Cut 414 The machine for cutting the tread Rubber Cut 414 - is to restore narezatel tread pattern of the tread portion of the tire tread to...

14.05 Tube Repair Patches

In our online store we sell Tube Repair Patches TIP-TOP and Maruni TIP-TOP (№0-№7v)  Tube Repair Patches for repairing cameras: bicycles, motorcycles, cars and trucks and tractors. Chamber patches REMA TIP TOP...

13.05 New! Now you can buy from us for the tire repair kit VK-02

In our online shop you can buy a set of tires Remon VK-02 This kit is useful to you all t. To. It is possible to repair the tire of any size from passenger to cargo. It is easy to use and convenient enough....

11.05 New! We have a hand creams PLUS-2

We are glad to offer you hand creams Plus-2 Handwashing pasta does not cause irritation in contact with the wound, ideal for all skin types and is well tolerated by the skin even with frequent use. Containing...

23.04 Reduced prices for the entire list of goods

We are pleased to inform you that in our online shop the prices for the whole list of goods. You can buy it, look at our online store at the address:  Minsk,  av. Nezavisimosti 177,  building 3, office...

23.04 New! Balancing Beads EcoBalance

EcoBalance - granules for dynamic balancing of wheels for trucks, vans, RVs and buses. After balancing wheels are located inside the tire beads by the centrifugal force. An important advantage of the granules is that...

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