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Manufacturer: China
Code: 5627464

Valve - an integral part of a vehicle wheel, a check valve, which allows to pump air into the tire and prevents it goes out. The design of the automobile valves: rubber valve consists of a rubber body, which is placed inside the metal sleeve with an internal thread for screwing the valve and external thread for screwing plastic (metallic) cap. The spool has a sealing sleeve, the rubber valve and a spring which are mounted on the rod. When inflating air valve compresses the spring and opens the air passage in the casing. After termination of the inflation valve by a spring and air pressure pressed tightly against the sleeve and does not allow air to escape from the tire

Manufacturer:  Ningbo Yinzhou Jingang Auto Accessories Factory,  No.5 Yuanyang Road, Hengjie Town Industrial Park Yinzhou District, Ningbo,China, tel: (00)86-574-88271718

Importer:  Vilparts LTD 220125, Minsk, av. Nezavisimosti 177, building 3, office 22

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Vendor code: 20/12/V3-08-3
Vendor code: 20/12/V3-08-3
Manufacture: China
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Vendor code: 20/12/V3-08-3-NZ
Vendor code: 20/12/V3-08-3-NZ
Manufacture: China
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юр. адрес: РБ, г.Минск, пр-т.Независимости 177, пом.3, ком. 22, почт. адрес: РБ, 220125, г.Минск, пр-т.Независимости 177, пом.3, ком. 22,
тел.: ф.393-50-04, 393-50-05, мтс 777-99-79, v.117-37-37