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Balancing Beads 8kg

/ / Balancing Beads 8kg
Balancing Beads 8kg
2 199 300.00 р.

Balancing Beads 8kg

Manufacturer: Poland
Code: 55/00/8KG
Weight: 8 kg

EcoBalance - granules for dynamic balancing of wheels for trucks, vans, RVs and buses. After balancing wheels are located inside the tire beads by the centrifugal force. An important advantage of the granules is that they operate and dynamically adapts to changes in the tires as a result of its use. The wheel is balanced while driving without using a balancer. The product is not harmful to the environment.

Advantages of pellets EcoBalance

- Eliminate vibration throughout the wheel and the wheel suspension as a whole;

- Maintained in good condition and the steering wheel suspension system of the machine; - Reduce tire wear by more than 25%;

- Reduce fuel consumption by 8%;

- Contribute to the stability of the car on the road.

- Provide wheel balance once for the whole period of operation of the tire;

- Do not harm the inner tire surface, unlike other balancing means;

- Does not interact with the metal and aluminum disks or other materials, including rubber and moisture;

- A simple tool that does not require expensive equipment;

- Are environmentally friendly product.

- In contrast to the powder formulations does not react to water (do not stick together)

- In contrast to the abrasive formulations, does not spoil the inner surface of the tire

- Unlike other means of internal balancing, balancing saved when a car is worth. Others just all showered.


The product should be dosed according to table dosing provided on the package, depending on the tire size. Measuring the amount necessary to pour into the tire before installing it on the rim.


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Importer:  Vilparts LTD 220125, Minsk, av. Nezavisimosti 177, building 3, office 22

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