220125, г. Минск,
пр-т Независимости д. 177,
секция 2, цокольный этаж, пом. 3.

Тел./факс +375 17 393-50-04
Тел. +375 17 393-50-05
Тел. +375 17 393-50-06
Velcom +375 29 117-37-37
Mтc +375 29 777-37-37
Mтc +375-29 777-99-79





How to buy

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Dear Clients!

We hope that among the wide range of our products you can find the one that
We searched for and use our services to buy it. It's enough
perform a few simple steps.

1. Use search or navigation in the catalog to select the product you are interested.

2. Choose the most convenient way for you to order the product:
- Place an order online by clicking the "Add to Cart" next to the price;
- Or contact a counselor on the phone:

tel. / fax: +375 (17) 393-50-04 +375 (29) 777-99-79 (MTS), 375 (29) 1111-66-1 (Velcom)

or e-mail:  info@vilparts.by

3. Fill out the required fields, making out the order on the site, or tell the operator:
- Name, number of the selected item;
- payment method;
- Your contact phone number (please kindly indicate the area code or the city);
- If you are in Minsk and want to order the product, delivery, select the delivery address;
- In other cases, to order a comment left on request.

4. If you have made an order through the site, when you click "Checkout" you will contact our
- You can always contact us by phone to find out the status of your order and
shipping information.

5. Waiting carrier, inspect the goods received. Before you sign the delivery form,
Always make sure there is no faulty product, completeness and compliance with the order. Please read the rules of replacement and return of goods!

6. After checking the goods calculated with the courier.

7. After the payment together with any item you receive a check that confirms
shopping at the online store vilparts.by

8. A copy of the payment document (check).


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юр. адрес: РБ, г.Минск, пр-т.Независимости 177, пом.3, ком. 22, почт. адрес: РБ, 220125, г.Минск, пр-т.Независимости 177, пом.3, ком. 22,
тел.: ф.393-50-04, 393-50-05, мтс 777-99-79, v.117-37-37