220125, г. Минск,
пр-т Независимости д. 177,
секция 2, цокольный этаж, пом. 3.

Тел./факс +375 17 393-50-04
Тел. +375 17 393-50-05
Тел. +375 17 393-50-06
Velcom +375 29 117-37-37
Mтc +375 29 777-37-37
Mтc +375-29 777-99-79





Conditions of delivery

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Online Store vilparts.by delivers orders in Minsk and throughout Belarus courier. For more information, you can always get from our managers.

Delivery in Minsk:

Vilparts.by delivers the goods in Minsk on the amount of 1 million Belarusian rubles. We will deliver it to you for free.

When the amount of the order of less than one million, the goods are delivered by courier, postage 50 000 rubles

When ordering before 12:00 - delivery is carried out during the working day,

When ordering, after 12:00 - delivery is made the next working day.

* If another time was not agreed with the manager of LTD "Vilparts" and with the exception of force majeure.

Delivery in Belarus:

We provide express delivery of goods from Minsk to all cities and regions of the Republic of Belarus in the shortest possible time and time convenient for the customer via shipping service.

We start from your needs when and where you need to take your order.

When ordering goods in excess of 4 000 000 bel. rub., delivery is free.

ООО "Вилпартс"
Р/сч: 3012026301013 в ОАО Приорбанк г. Минск, ул. Логойский тракт 15 код 153001749, УНП:191605857

юр. адрес: РБ, г.Минск, пр-т.Независимости 177, пом.3, ком. 22, почт. адрес: РБ, 220125, г.Минск, пр-т.Независимости 177, пом.3, ком. 22,
тел.: ф.393-50-04, 393-50-05, мтс 777-99-79, v.117-37-37